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Mounted Patrol

The Mounted Patrol is used primarily in community policing and public relations. Mounted officers are particularly useful in situations involving large crowds due to their increased visibility, serving as a deterrent to criminal activity and assuring that those in need of assistance can easily reach an officer. The natural stamina of the horse enables the officer to carry out search activities in areas where officers on foot would easily tire. Security details are performed (by request) at the Bristol Motor Speedway, Fun Fest, neighborhood patrols, and local football games. The use of this unit at public events has resulted in a reduction in calls for service related to car theft, burglary, vandalism, and disturbances. The unit has participated in parades, county fairs, fund raising events, and various school and educational events throughout the county.

Service in the Mounted Patrol is voluntary and in addition to the officers' normal duties. Each officer owns and cares for his own mount, with the Sheriff's Officer providing limited funds for necessary safety equipment and training. We maintain annual national certification of our mounts and officers through the Southeastern Mounted Patrol Association, where our agency is one of the founding members.

Sullivan County Sheriff
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